(山东黄金集团)纳穆蒂尼金矿球磨机采购项目竞争性磋商公告 (Shandong Gold Group) Namutini Gold Mine Ball Mill Procurement Project Competitive Consultation Announcement

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(Shandong Gold Group) Namutini Gold Mine Ball Mill Procurement Project Competitive Consultation Announcement

     For the Namdini Gold Project of Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited it is now decided to select the supplier through competitive negotiation for the supply of Ball Mill equipment and the procurement of related services.


1. Project Overview and Procurement Scope

1.1 项目名称:纳穆尼金矿球磨机采购项目
Project name: Ball Mill Procurement Project of Namutini Gold Mine

1.2 建设单位:卡蒂诺纳穆蒂尼矿业有限公司
Development Organization: Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited

1.3 最终用户卡蒂诺纳穆蒂尼矿业有限公司
End user: Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited

1.4 资金来源:卡蒂诺纳穆蒂尼矿业有限公司提供
Source of funding: Provided by Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited

1.5 项目编号HYHA2022-2369
Project No.:HYHA2022-2369

1.6 采购内容:球磨机设备供货及相关服务
Procurement contents: Supply of Ball Mill equipment and related services

1.7 交货时间:




Delivery time:

All equipment finish manufacture on April 7, 2024

All equipment shall be delivered at the Project Site before July 6, 2024.

Site installation supervise: March 30, 2024 to November 1, 2024

Single machine commissioning: November 1, 2024 to December 1, 2024

No-load commissioning: December 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024


Delivery location: DAP Designated place on the Namdini Gold Project Site

1.8 项目所在地:Namdini金矿项目现场占地20平方公里,位于加纳上东部地区的Talensi区(纬度10.63,经度-0.66)。现场位于该地区首府Bolgatanga东南约50公里处,距离汤哥约18公里
Project location: The Namdini Gold Project site covers an area of 20 square kilometres and is located within the Talensi District in the upper east region of Ghana (Latitude 10.63,Longitude-0.66). The site is approximately 50 km south east of the regions capital, Bolgatanga, about 18 km from Tongo.


2. Qualification Requirements for Bidders:

    Bidders shall be manufacturers or agents with independent legal person qualification (agents must provide valid authorization from the manufacturer).

     Bidders which share the same person-in-charge or are related with each other by shareholding or management could not bid for the Project at the same time. Bidders shall provide proof of their equity relationship (through taking screenshot of the corresponding contents after logging on to websites such as "Qcc.com" and "TianYanCha.com").

    The Bidder shall have the performance of equipment supply for the same or similar projects in the past three years (from November 1, 2019 to now, subject to the time of signing the contract).





The Bidder shall have no record of bad behavior in the past three years (since November 1, 2019), no involvement in any lawsuit or arbitration caused by criminal acts or serious illegal acts related to contract fraud, no breach of contract or getting expelled from any contract, and no property that has been taken over or frozen. In addition, the Bidder shall not be in a state of being prohibited or disqualified from bidding. The Bidder shall provide:

 Screenshot taken on the China's Enforcement Information Disclosure Website (http://zxgk.court.gov.cn/shixin/) which can prove that the Bidder is not listed as a person subject to enforcement for trust-breaking;

 Screenshot taken on the "Credit China" website (www.creditchina.gov.cn) which can prove that the Bidder is not listed as a major tax violation and trust-breaking subject (log on to the "Credit China" website, select "Credit Service", click "Credit Classification Query", and then select "Major Tax Violation and Trust-Breaking Subjects" for query);

 Screenshot which can prove that the Bidder has no criminal record of bribery in which the judgment or ruling of the people's court has taken effect within three years before the deadline for submission of bid documents (log on to the website of "China Judgments Online" website, select "Criminal Case", and enter the name of the company for query).

The bid from a consortium will not be accepted for the Project.

Can the Bidder participate in the bidding without purchasing the competitive negotiation documents: No.

For the equipment of the same brand or model, a manufacturer can only entrust one agent to participate in the bidding.

It is required that the Bidder have the supply capacity matching the procurement project.

3. 报名及竞争性磋商文件的获取

3. Registration and Acquisition of Competitive Negotiation Documents

    Interested parties shall register for bidding through online registration from November 24, 2022 to 16:00 on November 30, 2022, and then purchase the competitive negotiation documents after receiving the notification on successful registration.






Online registration method:

  •  Enter the following URL:

http://www.sdhyha.cn/QPOAWeb/bid/login.aspx? ReturnUrl=/qpoaweb/bid/main.aspx (registration is required for the first login);

 Click "Bidding Announcement" on the home page to find the project interested, fill in the information as required and upload the following data: business license, valid authorization of the manufacturer (to be provided by an agent), previous contracts, screenshots of the inquiry results of not being listed as a dishonest person subject to enforcement on "China Executive Information Disclosure Network" (http://zxgk.court.gov.cn/shixin/), of not being listed as a dishonest entity committing major tax violations on "Credit China" website (www.creditchina.gov.cn), and of no bribery criminal conviction of the Bidder on "China Judgments Online", as well as screenshots of the equity relationship (screenshot of inquiry results on websites such as "Qcc.com" and "TianYanCha.com"), the identity certificate of the legal representative or the power of attorney of the legal representative (attached with the ID card copies of the legal representative and the authorized person). After the review and approval, the agency will notify the payment for the competitive negotiation documents by telephone and then send the competitive negotiation documents.

Note: The tender for the Project adopts a post-qualification method, so the successful bidder registration and acquisition of the competitive negotiation documents does not mean that the Bidder passes the qualification examination.

    After the application data are uploaded, the Bidder must register as a supplier on the website of Sunshine Procurement Service Platform (www.ygcgfw.com) (CA lock is not required). After the supplier registration, the Bidder shall search for the Project and complete bidder registration. (This operation will affect the release of an announcement of successful bidder. The Bidder must ensure the successful registration on Sunshine Procurement Service Platform, and the consequences caused by the failure of such a registration shall be borne by the Bidder itself.)

Price for competitive negotiation documents: RMB 500/copy, which will not be refunded after sales.


4. Submission of Bid Documents

Deadline for submission: 9:00 on December 8, 2022.

     Place and method of submission: Paper documents shall be submitted to 27/F, Building A5-6, China Resources Land Plaza, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province (L&A Project Management Co., Ltd.) by mail.


5. Bid Opening Time and Place

Bid opening time: 9:00 on December 8, 2022.

   Bid opening place: 27/F, Building A5-6, China Resources Land Plaza, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province (L&A Project Management Co., Ltd.)


6. Media for Issuing Announcement on Competitive Negotiation

     The announcement on competitive negotiation of the Project will be issued on the websites of China Bidding and Bid Public Service Platform, China Procurement and Bidding Net, China Procurement and Bidding Network, Sunshine Procurement Service Platform, and L&A Project Management Co., Ltd.


7. Contact information


Tenderer: Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited


Address: Talensi District of Upper East Ghana 

Technical contact:  Mei zhi

电话:+86 18310247507 (CN)
Tel: +86 18310247507 (CN)

邮件: meiz@enfi.com.cn
Email: meiz@enfi.com.cn


Tender agency: L&A Project Management Co., Ltd.


Contact: Liu Chaolong, Ren Quanlong


Tel.: 0531-82665567


Address: 27/F, Building A5-6, China Resources Land Plaza, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province


E-mail: 19953126828@163.com


Bank name: Jinan Lixia Sub-branch of Industrial Bank;


Account name: L&A Project Management Co., Ltd.;


Account number: 376110100100125828;